The first iteration of this website was for our wedding. It’s only fitting that its last iteration be for our divorce.

When we married in 2010, we had every intention of staying together for the rest of our lives. When we renewed our vows in 2015, we both felt a sense of faith in the other person. And as we come upon our tenth anniversary, we’ve realized that we still have that faith in each other, but as best friends instead of romantic partners.

We will remain devoted parents to our cats, Mango and Olive, whom we both love deeply. Their welfare and well-being is of the utmost importance to us and while the cats will live with Erin, Brian will still see them as much as he can handle (because of allergies).

Thank you to our family and friends for supporting us all these years through the trials and tribulations of our marriage. Your love and encouragement is one of the reasons we are able to consciously uncouple with maturity and respect.

With all our love,
Brian and Erin